Tuesday, November 15, 2011

7 Ways To Cut Your Grocery Bill Down In Half

After couponing for many years, taking notes, researching, and documenting my personal purchasing habits for my family over the past few years, I have come up with a great way to keep grocery bills down. If you are just starting out with couponing, this plan will cut your budget in at least half-but you need to be consistent with it. Below are 7 ways to cut your grocery bill in half.

1. Make a list and stock up on items when they are at their lowest price. Groceries and grocery related items are on sale at their lowest price every 10-15 weeks (I have documented it has been closer and consistent with 12 weeks). The best way to accumulate savings by couponing is to stock up on items when they are at their lowest price in large amounts to last your family until it is at its lowest price again. Always make sure to purchase the smallest package.

2. Prep a budget for your family. This is VERY important. Every family has a limit of what should be spent on groceries. Each families budget depends on each families needs. If you need advice on this topic, please e-mail me at couponingamomssport@live.com and I would love to give you an estimate of what you should be spending weekly for your family. In a study a few years back I read that it is better for families to shop weekly. This saves time, money and food.

3. Clip and upload your coupons. This task is the most difficult to be consistent with. Making it a goal to clip your coupons each week when you purchase you newspaper, magazines, etc will help you. Also, check store websites and upload electronic coupons to your store rewards cards before you shop. Price matching and stacking coupons are other great ways to save a little extra. 

4. Review your store's coupon policy. Knowing your store's coupon policy is important. A helpful hint is to keep a copy in your coupon binder incase you need it. Please visit our blog for a list of store's coupon policies. If you do not see a policy for a store you shop at, please e-mail me at couponingamomssport@live.com and I will upload it for you. 

5. Use what you have in your pantry. This rule is simple. We purchase food to eat it. Eat what you have first, THEN purchase more. Throwing away food is just like throwing away money. 

6. Eat leftovers. This rule is quite similar to the one listed above. Throwing away leftover food at a meal is throwing away money. Save the food for another meal. Pack leftovers into lunches, reheat on weekends, etc. There are lots of wonderful things to do with leftovers. Did you know the average working (9-5) American spends $32 on lunch each week? WOW!!

7. Eat before you shop and skip the snack food isle. Shopping hungry is a BAD idea! We all know our eyes are bigger than our tummies. Skipping the snack food isle will help you cut your grocery bill by not paying for prepackaged individual snacks. Most snack foods offer no nutritional value and are not filling. 


wholesale boston on November 17, 2011 at 7:00 AM said...

For me, I buy in bulk and always sticks to my budget. I should not exceed to my budget.

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